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Join the Valletta Actors Studio for a Seminar with Michaela Carrozzo!


Michaela is best known for playing Caitlyn on Disney’s LabRats, but she has also been in multiple television shows, movies, and commercials!


Being she has been in the business for 10+ years, she has been coached by the best and has developed valuable techniques that every actor needs to know!


Learn from her first-hand experiences in the acting industry, how she stays true to herself, and what it’s like to work on a Disney Show!


Michaela will watch each actor perform and will give tailored coaching to each! (A reader will be provided) Michaela will spend time with each person like the rest of the class learns as they observe. At the end will be a Q&A and an autograph signing!


Sign-up fee is $65 dollars, phone Al Valletta to reserve your spot!



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