Al Valletta - Owner / Co-Founder, has been in the entertainment industry as a producer, actor, director and acting coach for over 30 years. He taught acting and speech on the college level in Boston, Massachusetts. Al has a B.S. Degree in Acting and Directing and a Masters in Speech from Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts. He was the Artistic Director and on the board of The Performing Arts Theatre of the Handicapped, which had its beginning at Paramount Studio. The organization's goal was to train physically handicapped actors so they would be hired for their talent and ability, and not for their disability. He remained the artistic director for 20 years. Al has directed over 30 theatrical shows, directed films, was an actor in film and television and a dialogue coach. Throughout the years, Al has taught acting in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. He owned a very successful theatre in Orange County before moving to the San Diego Area. Current classes are held in Solana Beach and Rancho Bernardo-Penasquitos, California. Al has worked broadly with coaching executives and has developed the presentation skills of sales and marketing and technical support teams. His work spans numerous industries ranging from extensive involvement with high technology companies in Silicon Valley and the Veterans Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Al is the recipient of the Alumni Award from Emerson College and the Bronze Halo Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council for outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry. Al also directed stage plays at Ocean Hills Country Club in Oceanside, California.


Diana Lee Solorzano - a Co-Founder, has served in the financial banking industry for over 25 years as an officer for the central U.S. banks with a background in Operational Management, Branch Management, and Client Portfolio Management. She has served as the board of directors for the National Association of Bank Women, Performing Arts Theatre of the Handicapped, and International Zipline Corp. She was the First Lady of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and has volunteered for many organizations, including Seagaze Concert Series, Junior Achievement, and the Presidential campaign. Diana is a recipient of the Editor's Choice award as a published poet. Diana has produced many theatre productions, and she has appeared on stage in both leads and supporting roles. The award-winning Our Town (Mrs. Webb), Daddy's Dying Who's Got the Will (Lurlene), Total "Alas, even a preacher's wife can break down into a raw emotional outburst," Inherit the Wind (Mrs. Brady) and Wait Until Dark (Susy), the North County Times, "Performance Deserving of Praise". She has also appeared in a feature film, supporting roles in two movie shorts for The Valletta Actors Studio movie location summer camp. Diana attended the University of Texas, graduated from Tiffin University's School of Business earned magna cum laude honors, and elected to the Delta Mu Delta Honor Society. Diana has also graduated, earning her Master's in Education with an emphasis in Communication.

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