"Al Valletta is a spectacular teacher that connects with the actor. My journey in the entertainment industry continues to be magical thanks to the strong training I received from Al. Through his amazing coaching, I received the tools I needed to break down scenes and give me a true comprehension of the levels of my characters. Al has incredible energy and sets a great tone for us to feel safe and free to explore our emotions. His calm way of directing centers the actors, giving us the strength to go to the depth of every character. Al is a giving teacher, and I am very grateful that he is and will always be my "go-to" coach. His classes are great, and he always finds a way to make each class a lot of fun!"

Eliana Alexander ("Rita Thomas" My Network TV - Desire mynetwork.com)

“Al knows how to bring out the best in each of his students. I’ve had TV roles on Scrubs, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, Seinfeld, and many others, plus movies such as Lost In America. I credit Al with all my success.”

Art Frankel



"The Valletta Actors Studio gave me confidence, determination, and inspiration. Since attending the workshop, I've moved to LA and worked on numerous TV shows, a feature film, and a national commercial. Thanks, Al! :)"

Rachel Currence


As a mother and my daughter as a student, we love the Al Valletta Actors Studio! Al breaks his students out of their shell for auditions and life in general. My daughter is more comfortable and expressive in her skin because of Al's amazing acting technique. We can't wait to see where his guidance takes Rachel in the future.

Tracy H.

Rather unassumingly, Al is quite simply one of the very best. He has an almost magical way of teaching people to put themselves in a role and then giving them the confidence, they need to step back and trust. I have felt him do this with me and watched as he did it with both of my daughters. He brings an innate understanding of teaching, and a love for acting, to every session”.

Guy Mangiamele.






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